I’ll Try Not to Whine

by pjmcbride

clear water drops

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

This photo has nothing to do with anything, but came up when I typed in “crystal” and I liked it. Yes, I am comfortably ensconced in the old format again.

Commercial for some hotel: “You won’t just walk down stairs. You’ll walk down stairs covered in Swarovski crystals.” Why, exactly?

Pumpkin pie has finally arrived at McDonald’s! As anyone can tell you, I am easily pleased. The box it comes in says, “Packed with all the flavor it can hold.” Well, isn’t everything?

Note on toilet paper package: “Join the conversation on Facebook!” Why, exactly?

A Halloween makeup display at Walgreen’s offered options: skeleton,  a female version of the Joker (what the world has been crying out for, I guess), a Serpent Goddess (or Serpent Princess–I know I should keep my goddesses and my princesses straight, since the scope of their powers would differ greatly, but I can’t be bothered) (yes, I’m qualified to be a Serpent Whatever, but it would require buying something), and a Venomous Vamp, male and female versions. Rom said one can’t be a venomous vampire. It does seem unfair, but life is unfair. Why, exactly?


I was behind a very-put-together-looking woman who insisted on a refund because they were out of French dressing, EVEN THOUGH she accepted a different type of dressing and ate her (free) salad anyway.


Remember a couple posts ago, where I noted that someone leaving an old blanket at the bus stop led to everyone treating it as a waste dump? Sure you do. Well, there’s another stop–the first one after Walmart, if you must know–that has no nearby trash can, and trash was starting to pile up. But then someone thought, Hey, this Walmart shopping cart I helped myself to can be used as a trash receptacle! And now everyone puts their stuff there, instead of dropping it on the ground. Of course, that means it’s not available to use as a shopping cart, but there’s always more where that came from. So now there are 2 shopping carts there.

I guess that story wasn’t really has uplifting as I’d hoped.