The Lightness of Being

by pjmcbride

orange rose

Photo by Pixabay on

I may have already used this title, but I bet it wasn’t about this topic. Also, the photo bears only a tangential relation to the topic, but it’s a rose, so I had to use it.


I saw a commercial of a woman prancing around in an orange skirt, because using Metamucil fiber supplement made her feel so “light.” (Orange because said supplement is orange-flavored and comes in an orange container. Orange rose, I’m sorry to use you in connection with this.) The commercial encouraged us to “Take the Metamucil two-week challenge!” I went online to investigate said challenge–would there be prizes?–but no, they just promised you would be “lighter” in 2 weeks because it would “remove what weighs you down.” They also said that if you  signed up online, they would send you 2 weeks’ worth of tips via email. I was tempted to sign up so I could regale you with 2 weeks’ worth of tips on pooping, but I didn’t want to get on some weird mailing list.


“The Sensible You” for Taurus: “You’re the voice of reason in an often-turbulent world.” Yes, people tell me that all the time.

Romantic Rendezvous for Cancer: “In a private box at the ballet during a performance of Swan Lake; on a fog-shrouded island in a lake.” I detect a definite lake theme here.

“The Frivolous You” for Capricorn: “Is that striving, success-oriented Capricorn on the beach at sunrise, breathless over the beauty of it all?” Until we are required to wear t-shirts emblazoned with our zodiac sign, we can’t be sure.

I had any number of topics to write about, but I’m having trouble remembering them. That can’t have anything to do with the alcohol I just consumed.