The End of the World or Getting Lost on the Bus

by pjmcbride

blur chain close up daylight

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…is what I most often dream about.


Did you know…

–they have external digestion–they spit digestive fluids onto the prey item, which dissolves it so they can then ingest the liquid?

–they glow blue-green under UV light? But only when their exoskeleton has had time to sclerotize.

–the male sometimes uses a small amount of venom on the female, to pacify her so mating can occur?

–once it occurs (courtship takes from 1 to 25 hours), the female bears live young, and carries them on her back? They are white at first, and are called scorplings. Adorable!

I should have looked up fun facts about spiders instead, seeing as how it’s A Certain Person’s birthday, but she will just have to make do with scorpions. As one sometimes must.