Roses and Dragons

by pjmcbride

…sums up my outfit today. Speaking of which, Vogue magazine said the fall fashion collections were chock-full (what is a “chock” in this context?) of rose prints. I hope so! It’ll be 2014-2015 all over again!


…sums up yesterday’s post.

First, I’m surprised nobody caught my mistake that “couponing is not a verb.” What I meant to say was that it’s not a noun. Second, when I said, “Nick, consider yourself teased,” I gave him the perfect opportunity to respond, “Then you can consider yourself tased,” but he did not do so (either verbally or in actuality).


I was so confused by the Jeep commercial where the song lyrics seem to start out with “Jonny Webb is PacMan Lee” that I googled it. It’s “Show me where this pathway leads.” You’re welcome. Kind of like the Channel 14 commercial where “On air and streaming” sounds like “on air and screaming.” Something I never did in my 30 years.


I was telling Rom that I opposed something “on general principles,” and then said, “Shouldn’t General Principles be the superior officer of Captain Obvious?” Rom said, “The one between those two is Major Mistake. Then there’s Colonel O’Truth and Private Citizen.” And, of course, one can’t forget Corporal Punishment.

Pizza time, bye!