Day 7:

by pjmcbride


–“Are there any nice dispatchers in there?” The reason? She was asked for her address. So if you mean, are there any dispatchers in here who won’t ask for your address, then no. And we’ll get even less nice if you say, “Don’t you already have my address when I call?”

–“Well, the police can’t go over there and tell him to come pick up his dog food.” What did people do before 911? Well?

–“Don’t you have caller I.D.? Why are you asking my name, don’t you get my name when I call?” COULD ALL THOSE TAX DOLLARS SPENT ON BILLBOARDS SAYING “SEE A RECKLESS DRIVER? CALL 911!” BE SPENT ON “NO, 911 DOES NOT GET YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS WHEN YOU CALL ON A CELL PHONE”?!!  At 1920.

–“My  son is threatening to break out my car windows with a ball bat because I broke his out.”

–“So you’re the instigator of this situation?”

”Well, if you wanna take it that way.”

“So you’re getting harassed by bikers on Bike Night?” I’m betting no one can harass you like bikers.

–“So there’s a sword on your porch?”