Day 28: Sarcastically Angry

by pjmcbride

…a good blog title we came up with at the end of the shift. I bring you the following:


–the “Thanks for NOTHING!” texter struck again.

–the woman who called screaming that her neighbor’s dog pooped on her lawn. My colleague asked, “So you’re calling 911 to report dog poop on your lawn?” “YES, THEY TOLD ME TO CALL 911 THE NEXT TIME IT HAPPENED!” I want to know who this mythical “They” is, so I can have a word with them.

–the woman who was irate that we couldn’t transfer her to 911 in Indianapolis. She demanded to know the name of the person she was speaking to. My colleague gave her employee I.D. number. The woman then said, “And your name?” Nope, sorry. The question here is, Why would you rather believe a lazy employee is refusing to give you what you asked for (thus getting rid of you with a push of the button), than to believe that our equipment can’t transfer calls outside our local area?

–and a drunk crazy guy kept making obscene calls to us, threatening to kill us, demanding we send him an officer, then getting mad because we were sending him an officer. But he wasn’t content to be crazy and drunk in his own home, and got arrested for going down the street to a used-car lot, demanding to be sold a car, and punching the cars when they refused.