Alternate Title Universe

by pjmcbride

Today’s Blog School assignment is to decide if I really like my title and tagline, or if I need to change them. “Observations for the easily irritated” is staying, because it kind of says it all, but what about the title? Could I come up with a title that doesn’t sound like the blog is about crafts, and doesn’t refer to a substance I hate?

WordPress suggests “Try playing with a favorite book title or song lyric and see if you can come up with a title that says something about you!” OK, how about “Tense. Nervous. Can’t Relax.”?

Speaking of which, a co-worker assessed an applicant here (there are currently, I think, 4 openings here, thanks to people deciding they would rather WORK WITH SEWAGE–I didn’t make that up) by saying, “She’s not reserved–she’s outgoing enough to do the job.” Which leads to the question, What have I been doing here for 30 years? Tense. Nervous. Reserved.