Let There Be Dark!

by pjmcbride

…first step on getting to work–turn off all the lights day shift left on. They hurt me.

Welcome back to the world’s most obscure blog. I received a couple questions from Rom’s Sister Mary, answers follow:

–No, I don’t know who read how much of what. I just knew “someone” read 17 posts. And Nick informed me that people who signed up to receive this thing via email are not included in those stats, so I could have as many as 17 readers!

–Leading right into, in her words, “Who or what is Nick?” “Who or what,” indeed. Nick is a former dispatcher, now a police officer, who became my friend (that is what we are, Nick, right?) as the result of a memorable training session with me (memorable to him–I don’t remember training him at all. Doubtless I was just wishing he’d go away and stop bothering me.) . As far as the “what” goes, I make up stories in which he is a subhuman beast. (Nick, stop growling, or we’ll have to revisit the whole shock-collar issue.) Many believed that he was entirely fictional until they (Sister Elizabeth among them) got to see him at my birthday party. However, he then became frightened and scuttled into the darkness outside, so the witnesses are now questioning what they saw.



“A guy just held me up at gunpoint and took my gun, and now I’m following him.”

Let’s get this straight:

He had a gun.

He took your gun.

Now he has 2 guns.

And you have none.

Should you be following him? DO THE MATH.


“911? You know that sex shop called The Playground? How long has that been here?”

“Sir, that’s not an emergency.”

“Then who can I call?”

Any suggestions?