Turning Over a New Leaf & Stuff

by pjmcbride

Actually, it’s the same old leaf. I wanted to decorate the blog, add some color, and put in some of those things along the sides that you see on real blogs, even ones by people with Asperger’s, but I can’t figure out how to do so, so there you go. And really, what purpose would it serve? I don’t think this thing makes much sense to people who don’t know me personally (and it’s only gotten more idiosyncratic over the years {all two of them}), so there’s not much point in trying to expand readership. And links to other blogs I read? Those are either about perfume or religion. That and Time magazine’s site, which I don’t think needs any help from me. OK, enough making excuses for myself. I would have liked to add some color and illustrations, though.

It occurs to me–I don’t really need to worry about being kidnapped and tortured to make me write, because NICK would be eager to help and rescue me! Just look at him, he’s smiling. Nothing to be concerned about here!

Speaking of which, I saw the recent episode of “Sherlock” (and so agonizingly few and far between they are), and reflected again on Nick’s and my Sherlock/Moriarty relationship. But which would be which? (“You know the answer,” he says. “You’re the one who’s formed a whole mythology to reduce me to a beast.”)

…Overseen (it’s like “overheard,” except with your eyes) on the back of the bus seat today–“F*ck you, bitch.” They actually underlined “you,” in case I thought they were referring to somebody else.

…Overheard on the McDonald’s music channel (best music IN TOWN–Jonathan Richman! Patti Smith! Elvis Costello! The list goes on!)–

–“I hear the secrets that you keep

When you’re talking in your sleep

You tell me that you want me, you tell me that you need me, you tell me that you love me….”

–Should you be sleeping with someone who keeps those things a secret?