Day 21 (Sounds Like I’m Serving A Sentence, Doesn’t It?)

by pjmcbride

S.G.’S 20TH POST, 4/21/13: The Relation of Sweet-Talking to @ss-Kicking

Pretty much what it says, which is why I didn’t bring it up yesterday. In retrospect, though, the illustration featured an old poster exhorting bakers–“We can’t win this war without the baked goods you provide!” I figured it would lift Rom’s morale.

S.G.’S 21ST POST, 4/23/13: Theater of Cruelty: I Apologize to Nick and Six Other People

–It is revealed that I was supposed to know that Nick’s offhand comment about going to Canton Inn meant he was offering to bring us all food. Therefore, neither I nor my co-workers got any, because I did not understand this. He did not yet know how literal you have to be with me. Giving me specific directions is also helpful, as Rom has learned.

–This post also marked the birthday of the great & glorious RABECCA. The illustration in her honor featured a stir-fry, captioned with the remarkable words, “Uploaded to Wikipedia to showcase baby corn.”


–“Caller was informed that getting to the mall is not an emergency.”

For some reason, my co-workers tonight felt inspired to tell their personal food-poisoning vomit stories. I have one, but Steak & Shake/St Louis/mid-70’s is all I’m going to say.