Day 20: Leather or Rope?

by pjmcbride

Don’t worry, it’s just about some bracelets I was looking at. The answer is leather. The idea of scratchy rope around my wrist sets my teeth on edge.


I read that the shag haircut is back in fashion. Since it’s now supposed to be a good thing, we call it “shag” now instead of what we’d recently been calling it, namely, “mullet.” (The first reference I saw to it in the 70’s called it the “baby eaglet look.”) (And have you ever seen an eaglet? They’re really ugly.) Anyway, that was my high school haircut. (It made me look like Austin Powers.) Any votes for me getting it again? New year, new look? You cannot dissuade me by saying, “If you’re old enough to have done it the first time around, you’re too old to do it now.” That only encourages me.