Day 14: Fire Hazard

by pjmcbride


I received a call that there was smoke coming from the building behind the funeral home on 1st Ave. It turned out to be the crematorium in action.

I was at a loss for titles…

“All we are is dust in the wind”?

“Smoke in the water, fire in the sky”?

“I was caught in a burning ring of fire”?

“Come on baby, light my fire”?

The opinion was once expressed that “Don’t Fear the Reaper” should be my theme song, which I found a bit odd–I fear the Reaper a great deal.

S.G.’S 14TH POST, 3/29/13–“Holy Week: Maundy Thursday”

–I explain the concept of Christian charity, and deplore the current state of toilet paper advertising.

Some poor soul has taken on the task of actually digging up and reading these old posts along with me. Congratulations.