Day 13: I’m Not Up to This Job

by pjmcbride

What my day consisted of:

–The furnace stopped working last night. Turns out a safety feature had kicked on and shut it off to keep from blowing the house up (or so it thought). Now if only we’d known it would time out after 3 hours, we could have had heat eventually after all.

–I thought I’d lost my billfold, but I’d only put it into a different compartment of the Mobile Command Center (as I call the soft “briefcase” Rom got me).

–But what I mostly did was wrangle with a medical bill vs. insurance payment situation, and if you think I could turn that into an interesting story, you have a touching amount of faith in me.

S.G.’S 13TH POST, 3/28/13–Holy Week: Spy Wednesday

–I try to decide on an outfit for the Grim Reapers’ party.