Day 11: The Holly and the Ivy & Stuff

by pjmcbride

The weather guy said it was “dreary” again. DIDN’T I JUST COVER THIS GROUND YESTERDAY? It’s like nobody listens to a thing I say.

I looked up the lyrics to the Christmas carol “The Holly and the Ivy,” because all I knew was that it was about holly and ivy, and something to do with the running of the deer. Turns out it’s all about holly, and how holly’s so cool because, Christmas. Not sure why the ivy is even in there. It’s not mentioned after the first line.

S.G.’S 11TH POST, 3/26/13: Holy Week: Moneychangers’ Monday

–I find ways to postpone doing my taxes, and get a ride home from some cop, who threatens not to let me out of the car.