Day 9: Black Friday, Untrampled

by pjmcbride

Yikes, I almost forgot I had to do this. I was, um, otherwise occupied.

As is traditional, I observed Black Friday at Walgreen’s–a good source of cheap crap for small children who won’t know the difference, and CVS–as good a source of gift cards as any. I do actually need to go to the mall at some point, however, and feel mild panic at the prospect. However, the mall affords me the opportunity to sample 6 different perfumes at once. (I actually did that once, and I hope fellow bus passengers were edified thereby.) (No, I do not normally apply nearly that much scent.)

S.G. POST #9–3/23/13: World Leader Pretend: I Control the Weather and Tell Cops What To Do

–I complain that there was snow on Palm Sunday.

–Nick complains about my diction on the air, little knowing that soon it would cease to be an issue because WE WILL NEVER WORK TOGETHER AGAIN.