Day 3: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

by pjmcbride

…in other words, posting when I don’t reeeally have time, since I have to get up early for church, and then go to work–a “day of rest,” indeed. But there remains When the Bullet Hits the Bone, which will be the title I’ll use if I’m posting when I’m sick.

S.G. 3rd post, 2/25/13–Let’s Get Serious: World Without End

…being the story of how I got religion, if anyone needs a refresher course on that.

Also sorta worthy of notice from that post–

–S.G. starts showing up on Google searches–much sooner than the 6 weeks they told me it would take!, and…

The individual referred to as “Lisa” in the first couple of posts is now known as A Certain Person.


…on the obnoxious country station they had on (at one point, you could actually hear the employees scuffling over the dial–there was a sudden spike in volume, then the country changed to the slick dance pop they {and everyone} usually play these days):

“Now it might be it’s a little too early to know if this’ll work

Right now all I gotta say is, you look good in my shirt.”

And what does that type of thinking lead to? This:

“My baby daddy just broke out the window of my apartment, and chased out the guy I just met that I was chillin’ with. And the guy I was chillin’ with still has my car keys.”


Itching–nature’s sign that it’s now OK to pick at it. Except it isn’t yet. Evolutionarily, we need to refine our timing on that one.