Something Scary, and a Review of Halloween

by pjmcbride

Well, the word came down that, after the last debacle (“the last act of heroism, you mean,” Nick corrects me), Nick has to wear his harness at all times when on duty.

“I can’t walk in this.” He squirms on his back, attempting to dislodge it.

“You know, you’re acting exactly like someone who won’t get any chocolate.”

“Chocolate!” He leaps to his feet, all traces of infirmity banished.

“No, you have to earn it.”

“You always say that.” He flops back down, folding his wings (carefully, since the hole from the burn has been patched). “It’s almost time for me to go home anyway.”

“Not if I give you an overtime assignment.” He growls (quietly, lest I accuse him of insubordination), lashing his tail with his back to me. I tuck my feet back under the couch to avoid the lashing tail.

Without turning around (but his ears are laid back–keeping an ear on me, as it were), he says, “What you said the other day…that I used to be a man…is that true?”

“Would I lie to you?” The ears are flattened further, and the tail speeds up.

“Then how did I…become as I am?”

“You offended a great and powerful sorceress.”

The growling gets louder…and then suddenly stops, and the head droops to the floor.

…to be continued, one can only assume.


Kids–be scary, OK? I’m tired of princesses, ballerinas, and Spider-Men without number. The only actually  scary costume I saw was a Grim Reaper with a jack-o-lantern head.

Also–if I drop candy into your bag, don’t just stand there, still holding out your bag until I drop more in. That is just rude, and since you weren’t wearing a scary costume, you don’t scare me.


A man in a yellow car with purple flames painted on it said he was robbed of 50 cents. Turns out a guy asked him for 50 cents, and he felt scared, so he gave it to him. In case you were wondering, “feeling scared” does not a robbery make. Plus, what’s he got to be scared of? His car has flames on the sides!


We haven’t heard from Fiona and Archer since they were 3, I believe. Now they are 4. While getting ready for Halloween…

–Fiona, putting on doctor costume: “I was born to do this!”

–Archer, putting on astronaut costume: “I was born to be a superhero.”