by pjmcbride


First of all, I want to thank everyone for attending, in case I get too drunk to remember to do it later. Actually, what’s more likely is that I will thank you over and over, relentlessly. I’m of the “I love you, man!” school of intoxication.

–Rom made all the food, including baking the bread!

–The shelter house rules include:

* “No sitting/standing on chairs and tables.” That’s right. You’re not supposed to sit on the chairs. Of course, it’s not like they’ll send someone to spy on us.

* “The parking lot and Park shall be policed for litter, including cigarette butts.” Really? Howell Park is a pretty big place. Hopefully, the police will show up, and take care of said policing for us.

–My sole contribution to this undertaking (other than money) has consisted of holding the door while groceries were carried in. But I will also be drawing up the music list, by Rom’s request. He told me to make selections which are representative of my tastes and personality! Isn’t that the dream of everyone who loves music–to put together a soundtrack for your life? And then make everyone listen to it? Rom then added, “But include at least one CD that won’t piss people off.” In that spirit, there will be no Eminem, so you won’t need to worry about “Daddy, what does ‘fack’ mean?”