Crisis in Progress: Rhetorical Questions

by pjmcbride

–“You don’t know his name, and you’re pregnant by him?”

–“You want to file arson charges on your 10-year-old son?”

–“Why do you think 911 would call the power company for you?”

As one caller said, “That’s how people get killed–answering all these questions!” Well, no, it isn’t, actually. I cannot think of one instance, either in this jurisdiction or others, where someone was killed because the 911 operator  was asking questions. Interestingly, the man who was worried about getting killed answering questions was himself threatening to cut someone and burn down their house.


I’ve complained before about people refusing to go in their house to defuse the stressful situation before police get there. But here’s the opposing view:

“The guy who used to sleep with my ex-girlfriend is harassing me. He pointed his finger at me like he had a gun, so I had to run in the house.”


I reluctantly wish Nick a happy birthday.