Putting Cornmeal Mush On Cockroaches

by pjmcbride

Someone, who shall remain nameless because he gets too much attention here already, thought I needed to expand upon the previous post. I actually intended to do so, but it was time to go to bed. OK, it was time to go listen to Tom Petty’s live album.

Someone else expressed a desire for links to the 2 stories referred to. I realize posting links is a basic skill which a blogger could be reasonably expected to have. After all, that’s why we call it the World Wide Web, and not the World Wide Abyss of Unrelated Information and Pointless Bile. But let me just point out that when we got our current software at work in 2003, the instructor assumed that everyone already had a computer at home, and did not realize she’d have to teach me the basics of Windows as well. (She also did not realize that I’d had to put a beloved cat down the night before, and was not in the best condition to absorb new information.) At any rate, let me try this:


..and hope it works for the finished product.

Two things come to mind:

–Does running away from the light at different speeds really constitute a “personality”?

–Someone had to spend their workday (or, more likely, unpaid-intern-day) attaching transmitters to cockroaches.

As for the anti-fungal properties of cornmeal mush when applied to toes, I got the story from the Evansville Courier & Press, and may I just observe that their search function seems to suck, so no link is forthcoming, even theoretically.

One thing comes to mind:

–What’s more gross than toenails with fungus?

–Toenails with fungus and cornmeal mush on them!

The above story is dedicated to A Certain Person, and now everyone will think she has toenail fungus. Probably caused by chronic wearing of Crocs.

Hey, maybe if one applied cockroaches to one’s toes, they’d eat the fungus! Or at least eat the cornmeal mush.

OK, now I’ve grossed myself out and have to go.