Additions, Corrections, Explanations

by pjmcbride

–A couple posts ago, when I referred to the perilous condition of the safety strips on the bus, I referred to it as being “today.” That day was actually a Sunday, on which buses do not run. I do not, however, remember the actual day of occurrence.

–Alert readers may ask, “How could Nick engage in needle-related activities? Isn’t he covered in armor plate?” Well, for the rabies vaccination, a skilled veterinarian can actually insert a fine needle between the scales. And the tattoo can be engraved directly on the scales. I’ve been assured that the process is almost painless.

In the course of not begging me to come to 3rd shift, Nick remarked that “You’ll never change a thing.” It now occurs to me–Did he mean just schedule-wise, or that I’ll never change a thing about my life in general? Perhaps he (or I) should consult Rom for deeper wisdom on this matter (a fringe benefit of my “living with Gandalf,” as Nick puts it. Or, to quote from “The Mists of Avalon,” If I think the Merlin so wise, why am I not willing to do his will?) It also occurs to me that Nick’s seeming indifference to my schedule plans may be a primitive form of reverse psychology. Of course, if anyone fell for all his ploys, he’d be living in idleness, being fed cookies and hot chocolate. Oh, wait a minute…

“Are you going to be done thinking aloud anytime soon?” they inquire. Would you prefer photos of “The 25 Most Terrifying Spiders On Earth?” Because I have that at my disposal. “Yeah, if you can figure out how to link to it,” Nick observes.