by pjmcbride

Nick wants us to know that he has escaped the basement and is limping about freely, although I imagine the only prey he can pull down at this point is slow-moving insects. (He is welcome to all he can eat of the stink bugs at my house, which sneak back in as fast as Rom can escort them out.) In view of Nick’s boasting, I feel compelled to point out that Rom walked around on a broken leg for the better part of a day before he knew it was broken, and still cooked Thanksgiving dinner even so. I’m just sayin’, as they say.

Remember the pens given to me by that strange old man at McDonald’s? Their package says, “Bic for Her–A fashionable accessory for personal expression. Elegant silhouette and jeweled accents add style.” A lot to ask from disposable pens! I used them at work and someone must have thought the jeweled accents were real jewels, because the pink one is missing in action. I’m keeping a close eye on the purple one.