Oh Wait, It’s New Year’s

by pjmcbride

What have I resolved this year? What haven’t I resolved! How much progress have I made? Very little!

I told Nick that watching “Justified” made me realize that I wouldn’t do well in prison. He said, “You’d do fine–you’d appreciate the routine and confined living spaces.” A life of crime is open before me!

Hang tag on my new umbrella (I left the old one on the bus): “Colors may vary. Check umbrella.” Um, OK.

Why Rom and I don’t use unscented deodorant: if you’re thinking, Did I remember to put on deodorant?, it’s easily verified. Speaking of which, my new preferred brand is Dove–besides liking it, it’s union-made, in the USA! (Disclaimer: I received no remuneration from Unilever for this statement, although they can feel free to provide some, should they so desire.) 

Rom: “You know, sometimes you get to be a caricature of yourself.” Just because a chair is piled with my backpack and my tote bag and a stack of (clean) underwear. “And why wouldn’t you put that away?” he asks. I assume the question is rhetorical.