Blogging Paying Off For Self-Described Introvert

by pjmcbride

…or so the local paper tells us. This woman blogs about the outfits she wears each day. Since I myself am a self-described introvert (see? I just described myself), and this blog has yet to “pay off” in any discernible way, I am henceforth going to regale you with daily accounts of my clothing, until it leads to fame and recognition, or until you or I get tired of it. At the moment I am wearing a plaid flannel bathrobe and a lavender nightshirt with pink and white flowers on it.

I am on vacation. (Do not use the word “vacay” around me, OK? Or “cray-cray.”) Since my vacation started on a Sunday, I was unable to obtain apple ale in a timely manner, which Nick seemed to think was a good thing, although I did not misbehave in any way the one time he saw me sort of drunk.

Yeah, this isn’t much of a post, but I’m trying to be more reliable about this. After all, I don’t want to go a day without a clothing description.