No Unified Theme

by pjmcbride

–I’m a fan of Patti Smith, but if I wrote the line “Why must not death be redefined?” I’d have crossed it out.

–Sign inside Marx BBQ: “Emergeny Exit.” That’s because you emerge from it.

–The new CVS is making rapid progress, and looks startlingly similar to the Walgreen’s across the street. I saw the cutest tiny piece of construction equipment, which I yearn to drive in the dead of night.

–Nick is recovering from having a knot jerked in his tail (not by me–why am I always the usual suspect?). Yes, someone finally succumbed to the urge to beat him up which we all feel from time to time. (“That’s not–I wasn’t–” he starts to splutter, but I’m not feeling threatened by him at the moment.) (“You mean you normally do feel threatened by me?” he inquires, promptly cheering up.)


GETTING SERIOUS MOMENTARILY (By the way, “momentarily” means “for a moment,” not “in a moment,” SO STOP SAYING “WE’LL BE WITH YOU MOMENTARILY,” OK?)

I read in the paper that there’s typically an uptick in suicides after a celebrity suicide like Robin Williams’. And I can believe it, since we had a call the other day where a suicidal person actually referred to it. This is so sad, both for the people involved, and for what it says about our society.

I suppose I should finish up on a lighter note, but I have no editor to make me do so, so there you go.