Whining and Rumor-Mongering

by pjmcbride


Someone called three times to report that someone had broken into a nearby residence. Each time she gave a different address. Officers responded each time, and were unable to locate a break-in. They finally requested that I call the caller back and ask her to step outside to talk to them and point out just where this was occurring. She told me, “Is this the help I get when I call 911? I hope this happens in your neighborhood!” and hung up on me. Maybe it’s just me, but someone personally wishing me harm when I’m trying to, y’know, HELP, is hard not to take personally.

By the way, the above paragraph is a good illustration of becoming sulled-up. Rom corrected the derivation of this term–he did not get it from his own relatives, but from his ex-wife’s relatives.


…that the dress code in Dispatch is about to be changed to allow naked dancing.


We are about to be without a union steward. Don’t look at me–I have been tried and found wanting.