Keeping a Low Profile

by pjmcbride

“You are the absolute worst, madame,” Nick growled. He had come sniffing around because my cash-for-nothing scheme had intrigued him.

“I told you, you’re not eligible. And I was planning to write this post on a completely different topic.”

“There’s no amount of cash that could keep us apart, ” he continued, ignoring my objection. “And you can’t buy your way out of our ride-along with money.”

This gave me pause. Frankly, that possibility had not occurred to me. (It was like when I was a child and faced with fried eggs–slimy and loathsome as they are–and my stepfather said, “Don’t try pushing them around on your plate and then telling me you finished them.” I hadn’t thought of that, but I tried it and it worked!)

“So you’re saying that–under the right circumstances–you could be bought off? Beast, stop sharpening your claws like that. It’s distracting, and didn’t your owner tell you to quit ripping up the furniture?”

“She didn’t say anything about your furniture. Or the furniture in Dispatch. Or–” I swatted at him, and he jumped back, hissing and flaring his wings. Really, the level of taming here leaves something to be desired.

To make a troubling story short, I attempted a bit of bargaining on this ride-along issue, and was met with an absolute refusal to negotiate. So, if he’s going to be all merciless and stuff, I am just going to lay low for awhile, because we will soon be fully-staffed, and able to spare people for ride-alongs and such, but we all know that if you ignore something, it–or he–will go away. The next post will, as I said, be on a different topic. Something less disturbing. Namely, cat terminology and old country sayings. All together now–What old country? Any old country!