Bits and Pieces

by pjmcbride

Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Observations from tonight’s (well, I guess by now last night’s) shift:

You know all those out-of-control grade school kids we end up having to send the police for? “My 11-year-old is out of control,” “My 10-year-old is threatening to slash my tires with a knife,” etc.? What hope is there when adults need the police because someone is “calling me names and taking my cell phone,” or, I kid you not, “My neighbor is across the street looking at me”? The mystery there is, if someone took their phone, where did they get the phone they’re calling 911 with? Just like, “I need the police to go with me to get my car”–where’d you get the car you’re going there in? Is there a never-ending supply of these things? One thing there apparently was not an endless supply of is bricks–in the 80’s we were always taking calls of kids throwing bricks, and always wondered, Where are they getting all these bricks? Well, they apparently ran out in the 90’s, when they grew up and starting hitting each other with 2×4’s instead.

It was sleeting on the West Side and snowing on the East Side, and you know what that means–get milk, bread, and eggs! Because if you’re snowed- or sleeted-in, you need a sufficient supply of FRENCH TOAST! Rom actually appeared on TV in his professional capacity demonstrating this for the snowed-in masses. (Rom also appeared in the newspaper for walking to the laundromat with a basketful of laundry on his head.)