Does Not Play Well With Others

by pjmcbride


CAT (Photo credit: Bahman Farzad)

I was ordered to use that title by my supervisor, just because I defeated him in one of those little metal-puzzle-pull-apart thingies. Google “Gordian knot” to get an idea of my technique.

Forgot to mention that the 911 recording I listened to of M.M.’s pursuit the other day was labeled “Raw Video.” I guess it’s edgy and urban and stuff. I think it actually means they didn’t edit out the cuss words. They also didn’t edit Mike yelling ‘STAY IN YOUR CAR!,” which should have been answered by the shoplifter saying, “You’re not the boss of me!” and speeding off.



We interrupt this frivolity to bring you the story of some people who were moving out and abandoned their pit bull. The dog tried to get into the car with them, but they threw her out and drove away. And if that call doesn’t make you sick enough, I also took a call some years back of a guy who did the same to his cat, but ran over the cat when it tried to follow his car. I hereby edit out my cuss words.

OK, it’s kind of hard to recapture the mood at this point. Oh, well now I hear someone across the room advising that we don’t send the fire department for cats in trees. We don’t, you know. Let me also observe, and probably not for the first time–why does loving cats, and maybe owning more than one, make you a “crazy cat lady,” while loving dogs is normal and wholesome? Huh?


“You never gave me the impression you cared about cruelty to animals,” grumbles Nick, licking his wounds. I wonder if he’ll be able to hunt down the traditional Thanksgiving turkey for his owner this year. Of course, once he brings it back to her in his teeth, she has to take it away from him, or he’ll eat the whole thing raw. She does throw him the head, though, to make him stop whining.