The Nerve of Some People

by pjmcbride

Did anyone other than Nick notice that the last 2 (and counting yesterday’s, 3–don’t tell me what to write about!) posts didn’t mention him? Well, he got his feelings hurt and whined and threatened to sue me, which shows you what I have to put up with. You’d think he would be more compliant after the recent…incident. Of course, since his motto is ATTENTION MUST BE PAID, the ultimate cruelty would be to just never mention him again in these annals. (I think I hear whimpering….) Dear FanBase, he assured me that this blog is “boring” without him. He just better hope I don’t decide to take a poll on that topic, or we might find out if such a beast can actually cry.

Speaking of trash (ah, the lost art of the segue), someone’s trash can had  blown over in front of their house on St Joe, and it proved to be full of styrofoam cups from Thornton’s just down the block. Really? There are that many people who can drain a 32oz cup in the time it takes to walk one block? At least they threw them away, unlike the people at the bus stop around the corner from my house, who just drop them, and their accompanying chip bags, in the yard on the corner.

I’m cutting this short, since I have to take a shower, go to bed, go to church IN THE FROZEN COLD, go to work, etc. I find a high of 30 and low of 16 in November to be unreasonable, in case anyone was wondering. Not to be BORING or anything.


November (Photo credit: Cape Cod Cyclist)