by pjmcbride

English: Basic Trainee at Lackland AFB being c...

English: Basic Trainee at Lackland AFB being corrected by a TI with regards to a training issue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 things from the last half of the shift, while I was encumbered with a trainee and unable to post:

–A man shoplifted items from a dollar store, and was reported to be “stuffing ointment into his pants.” My astute trainee, noting that a narcotics officer was called to assist, said, “Maybe he needed the ointment because he was…carrying…drugs.” I think our trainee will fit right in, don’t you?

–Supervisor K.J. was lying prone under a console, trying to fix the radio transmit foot pedal (just one of the many duties which make the job a magnet for the power-hungry), and discovered that the cause of the electrical problem was…wait for it…A DEAD SPIDER. (Isn’t that the cause of everything around here?) It appeared to be the same species as the one in my bathtub earlier.