Anti-Employee of the Day

by pjmcbride

Four stages of the carpet beetle from right to...

Four stages of the carpet beetle from right to left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…what is with me and carpet, anyway? Remember I was the first (but I’m betting not the  last) person to spill something on the carpet in the hall? Could the carpet in Operations (a/k/a the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, as Rom dubbed it upon seeing it for the first time) be far behind?

I was minding my own business, to the extent that one can when one is traumatizing a trainee, and had my 44oz drink out of the trainee’s way, on top of a high shelf. Well, it wasn’t out of my way. I’m not even sure how I managed it, but I sent it crashing to the floor, and it was still mostly full. My attempts to clean it up were so ineffectual that they sent me out of the room (Rom will be familiar with this sort of scene), so thanks to A.B. and S.C., who did most of the work. And I would say thanks to Trainee D.H. as well, but isn’t cleaning up after us what trainees are supposed to do? “How was the job today?” “Oh, my trainer threw a drink on me.”

By the way, ignore all rumors that I “did something” to Nick. Although I believe our ride-along has been postponed for the time being….