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by pjmcbride

McDonald's Holiday Pie Innards

McDonald’s Holiday Pie Innards (Photo credit: theimpulsivebuy)

I will be brief, since brevity is the soul of wit. Right? Sure.

A           N         Y         W         A          Y,

{I suspect those letters are not evenly spaced. This troubles me, but I’m too lazy to change it.}

There were pizza wars on St Joe Ave. today. Across the street from each other, employees of Pizza Hut and Domino’s were on the sidewalk, waving signs for identical deals. I brutally ignored them both and headed for McDonald’s, only to discover my beloved pumpkin pie has been discontinued–and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!–in favor of a so-called Holiday Pie, filled with vanilla custard. Unfortunately, it too proved to be addictive. I’m lovin’ it, and hatin’ my waistline. I’ll be joinin’ the legion of January dieters, I’m guessin’. OK, now I’m even annoyin’ myself.


Nick has been working 3rd shift a lot lately. Besides the unnerving knowledge that such a beast is sleeplessly prowling the streets, there is the disturbing possibility that, should unscheduled overtime be needed, he would be sent to break down, I mean knock on, my door and tell me I’m being forced to work. “I. Would. Love. That!” he said, squirming with excitement. “He only thinks he would love it, and you can tell him I said so,” responded Rom. Apparently waking me up is kind of like giving a cat a bath.