Did You Miss Me?

by pjmcbride

Well? And who is that 1 person who just read 10 posts, anyway?

I have not been doing this, or my real job either, for the past several days, because I’ve had a cold, and blowing my nose has been my job. (Wow, my ears just popped! I’ve been waiting so long…) I returned to work (“911, I can hardly hear you, my ears are stopped up”) today, only to set off a storm of controversy about whether I’d need to get a doctor’s excuse if I’d been gone “three or more days” or “more than three days.” The latter, if you don’t mind, AND STOP MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A CHILD! Or I’ll have a tantrum.

I got lots to say, but I’ll save it for later, because I have to shower now so I can get up early so I can go to church, in a rare case of cleanliness actually being next to godliness. I’ll just spare a moment for someone even more pitiful than myself…

…Behold the unfortunate Nick, who has to work for 16 hours, then come back to work tomorrow, after only 4 hours sleep. The noble head drooping, the splendid wings sagging, the magnificent tail dragging in the dust…now if I can only get close enough to get this harness on him…yes, it seems cruel, but kindness is wasted on him. He only respects strength.

“What makes you think I still follow your blog?” he inquired this evening.  Please. As if you could ever resist reading about yourself, you wretched beast.

Can you hear me now

Can you hear me now (Photo credit: Wikipedia)