Festival Follies–Day 1

by pjmcbride

We have begun our local Fall Festival, which I read somewhere is the 2nd biggest street fair in the country after Mardi Gras. Although, since ours lasts 6 days, I don’t know if that’s a fair comparison.

Poem on back of bus seat:

“Woop woop

Keep goin’ down

Whoop whoop

Evil clown”

So that’s who’s behind the epidemic of clownin’.


First call from drunk guy:

“I gave my friend $20 to get me a pack of cigarettes, and it’s been 20 minutes and he’s not back yet!” I explained that this wasn’t really a police matter, so he hung up, and a few minutes later I got…

Second call from drunk guy:

“I took a nap on my porch, and my friend took a $20 bill out of my pocket.”


Clown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)