Forgetting History, Repeating It, Doomed

by pjmcbride

A bowl of creamed corn.

A bowl of creamed corn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are ads a-plenty boasting that the new IPhone comes in different colors. Why is this a big deal? Surely someone still alive today other than me remembers that phones used to come in all kinds of colors, to match your home decor? (So did facial tissue and toilet paper, for that matter.) Then someone decided to take away our color choices, until this modern enlightened age.

Speaking of our choices as consumers, there are 44oz cups at Phillips again. The restroom also has instructions on how to wash your hands, if you need that information.

It just occurred to me that I often sound perilously like Andy Rooney. I don’t know the remedy for this. Other than, I guess, shutting up.

Today is the Day the Music Died, when R.E.M. broke up. Everybody hurts…

It is also Thank a Police Officer Day. Only one officer? Also, did you know that they only get one day, while dispatchers get a whole week (not until April, so there’s plenty of shopping time left)? Obviously we have better lobbyists. That’s why they call it Communications.

Speaking of officers and the thanks they get, Nick was tired yesterday (apparently infants are inconsiderate of the sleep schedules of others), so I suggested he could spend his meal break napping on our break room couch. He said, “And risk waking up covered in creamed corn? I think not.” Ah, it would be so worth the cost of a case of corn. And worth the cost of getting the upholstery cleaned. And worth the bail money for being charged with battery on a police officer.