Before I Forget…

by pjmcbride

English: Sign at Brockhampton Park A sad refle...

English: Sign at Brockhampton Park A sad reflection on today’s litigation-driven society that the National Trust feel they have to erect such a sign. Whatever happened to common sense? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since nothing much has happened lately (“That’s never stopped you before!”  WHO SAID THAT?), this will be brief. Kind of like a postscript, except it’s not a P.S. to anything, if that makes sense. (I know, it doesn’t.) (By the way, were you coming here looking for sense? Because that changes things.)

It’s just that I thought of another, and really foolproof, reason why there’ll be no ridealong with Nick. Namely, that more than one of my supervisors are readers here, and they would prevent it from happening. Plus, Nick, your supervisors will look at you when (if) the time comes, think, “He seems too eager–it looks suspicious. We can’t allow this.” and assign someone else. So, to summarize:

1. Opposition from my chain of command +

2. Opposition from Nick’s chain of command +

3. The 3 reasons already listed in my previous post =

–the crushing of Nick’s hopes and dreams. (He sadly slips into his cave so I can’t see him cry.)

By the way, if anyone is thinking that this sounds like whistling past the graveyard, keep in mind that I can’t whistle.

What Rom said about my blogging: “It’s like you’re drunk-dialing everyone you know.”