Back Again, Again

by pjmcbride

English: Photo of a 5651 regulator tube in ope...

English: Photo of a 5651 regulator tube in operation in an old piece of electronic equipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…Internet fixed! Which required being advised by the good person at WOW to stick a pointy metal object in a hole in the back of the modem, which is certainly not something I’d have done to a piece of electronic equipment without expert guidance. And yes, there turned out to be many typos in the last post, since I couldn’t see what I was doing, but I’m leaving them in for a more authentic experience.

Something I forgot to add earlier, because the library computer was telling me “9 Minutes Until Core Meltdown”:

–Someone called to report that “Animal Control left a cage in our yard to trap a groundhog. It ended up catching a raccoon.” It’s the Law of Unintended Consequences in action! Don’t you wish you could specify what you wanted to catch?

And, speaking of beasts kept in cages, wouldn’t you know it…I HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY MY OWN FANBASE. A Certain Person informed Nick that she’d be happy to give him my ridealong schedule (should that ever come to pass), and didn’t even request money for the information, which I frankly find a bit insulting. But I am taking refuge in the fact that we are always short-handed at Dispatch and can never spare the personnel for such activities, so I sleep very well at night, to quote the Devil in that Don Henley song. (Nick slinks away, lashing his barbed tail.)