Can’t Be Tamed

by pjmcbride

Can't Be Tamed

Can’t Be Tamed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was about to go to bed, then remembered I had to do this. You know, suffering for art’s sake and stuff. Yeah, after 5 days with no post, I know. It took that long for ideas to build up. I almost forgot I had a blog.


Maybe (just maybe) I’m not an expert in what’s sexy, but I can tell you what’s not sexy:

–Molesting teddy bears is not sexy.

–Fingering yourself with a giant foam finger is not sexy. In fact, the words “giant foam finger” and “sexy” should never even appear in the same sentence, but now you made me write one.

–And, sticking your tongue out as if a doctor was examining your throat for infection is not sexy.


In other ew-related news, there’s a sign in the Phillips 66 restroom saying “PLEASE FLUSH URINAL.” If we live in a world where people can’t be bothered to flush urinals, it’s no wonder they won’t lock their keypads.

In other convenience-store-sign-related news (slick, huh?), a sign at Thornton’s says “WE NO LONGER HAVE 44OZ. CUPS.” Because, um, they weren’t selling very many of them? Did anyone ever buy any other size? By the way, Phillips 66 still has them. Just be sure to flush the urinal.

L.L. told me there’s a class at USI called “Introverts in the Workplace–Threat or Menace?” (I added the “Threat or Menace” part.) I’m tempted to go just to see what they’ll say, but not $100 worth of tempted. L.L. told me the catalog stated, “Introverts are often misunderstood.” Right, Nick? It’s better that you don’t understand me. It makes falling asleep at night that much easier.