Thrills, Chills, Excitement

by pjmcbride

English: Original photograph with free documen...

English: Original photograph with free documentation license. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nick wants you to know that the now-notorious Facebook picture was taken in the course of his Army Aviation duties. I think this is his way of saying, “Hey, at least I was wearing pants!” But the issue is not the existence of the photograph–the Internet contains many depictions of human buttocks, or so I’ve heard–but the questionable judgment involved in posting it.

Enough about Nick’s backside for now. I would like to address myself to the topic of garbage collection. I have no problem with the City’s new way of doing things per se–especially since I’m not the one who takes out the trash in my household–but my related observations are twofold:

1. Does anyone remember that the City tried to do this several years ago, and didn’t go ahead with it because of numerous objections? So they’ve learned to “Don’t Ask, Just Tell”  and this time just told us this was how it was going to be, The End. Interesting. Especially since, doesn’t it involve the ever-popular, “It will now take fewer people to do the same job”? And we wonder why the economy is sluggish. People without jobs can’t afford to buy stuff.

2. On a more personal note, I just love threading my way between malodorous receptacles every Friday. These block the sidewalks quite effectively, forcing me to either go out into traffic or up into people’s yards to get around them. And I’m guessing that the amount of attention devoted to this in planning was, well, zero, since pedestrians are mythical. Or, if they do exist, they are an even lower form of life than scooter riders. (Before chiming in with , “Yeah! Scooter People of Evansville!,” remember that I’m married to a scooter rider, who is getting tired of drivers proving their superiority by yelling obscenities at him.)

Enough lecturing? (“We were actually better off hearing about Nick’s backside, can you believe it?” they say.) Let’s move on to:

A PUBLIC-SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! (even more serviceable than the previous one!)

For the first time in many years, I will be working on Halloween. “But, World Leader,” you say, “isn’t it a little early to be announcing this?” As it turns out, no, because IT WASN’T TOO EARLY TO ASK FOR THE DAY OFF, NOW WAS IT? In other words, 4 people beat me to it already. So I will be there, with bells on. Perhaps literally. Maybe I’ll wear a costume. It will be, after all, my 29th anniversary of working for the City (biting hand that feeds me with my venomous fangs, see above). (And yes, I had to pull up the calculator to determine the number of years.) Who knows, perhaps it will be less stressful than figuring out what to say to small children at the door.

Yes, it is, in fact, all about me. Kind of disheartening, isn’t it?