A Tale of Two Titles

by pjmcbride

Maize weevil from http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/g...

Maize weevil from http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/graphics/photos/index.html Image Number K3980-17 Maize weevil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I couldn’t decide between “Existence of Suicidal Pillows Proven” or “Is Corn with Weevils Safe?”

#1: One of the pillows referred to in the previous post somehow got back into the traffic lane.

#2: You may recall me asking rhetorically, “Is there by any chance a corn weevil?” As it turns out, it was not rhetorical, as I proved by googling it. Is corn with weevils safe? For whom, the weevil?

I have had 3 hours sleep and am unable to sustain a train of thought. But before I forget, I’d like to thank Nick for posting a link to this blog on his Facebook page for his hundreds of friends. So I do. Thank him, that is. Even though his friends will doubtless say, “Well, of course he’d like it! She turned him into a fictional character!” (More like a cartoon character, actually.) Poor Nick is probably feeling a sense of unreality creeping over him by this point–“Am I a real person?” I know I have that problem a lot.