Theater of Cruelty: Tales of the Cop Whisperer

by pjmcbride

With sorrow I inform you that my Security Director has proven to be not only evil (a foregone conclusion), but treacherous as well. I was a fool to trust him. He shall be tamed, as soon as I figure out how to catch him. (He said, “If that happens, you will forever be known as the Cop Whisperer.”) Welcome to my Web of Terror, Nick. I’m sorry it had to be this way, but you brought it on yourself.

In other news, I invented a new phonetic spelling. I put out a license plate on the air as F-Frank, D-David, V-Victim, instead of V-Victor, and then compounded the error by laughing.

One of the recommended tags for this post was “Cruelty to animals.” Ha!

The Entrance to the World Wide Web (HDR)

The Entrance to the World Wide Web (HDR) (Photo credit: jmtosses)