Addition, Correction, Apology

by pjmcbride

Well, just as with the old flying burrito post (and I can’t figure out a way to insert a link to just a single post, so just keep paging back, I guess), Rom read this and added his memory of the event, which makes me look, um, even worse.

While I was writing about that ill-fated guy and his beer, I was trying to think what Rom and I had done about thirst management, but I couldn’t remember. Turns out, we did bring something (non-alcoholic), but it wasn’t nearly enough, and Rom sweats like no  one I’ve ever known. So…the reason he “could have died back there” was that he felt sick from heat exhaustion, and had retreated to look for something to drink and a place to sit out of the sun, while I pressed on ahead, hell-bent on music appreciation. So yes, he could have actually died back there. Wow. I’d forgotten, or blocked out, that part. I’m guessing I didn’t apologize back then, because I was allergic to that sort of thing (“Was? Was?” I know he’ll say, reading this), but, Creech, I’m sorry.