A Tiny Helpless Post

by pjmcbride


Barricades (Photo credit: vxla)

I have 3 (three) topics I want to delve into at some length, but I don’t feel like it because it’s bedtime, so you’ll have to content yourselves with this.

@sshole Alert: Dear Guy in Tan Pickup: Do not honk at a guy on a scooter, just because said scooter wasn’t letting you speed the way you wanted to, and then pass the scooter on the left, crossing the double yellow to do so. Guess what? The fact that most people want to speed doesn’t mean that those not speeding are the ones in the wrong.

–Dear Everyone: Pedestrians have the right of way, even if you want to turn right really bad. That whole she-can-just-wait-while-I-whip-in-front-of-her-because-where-I’m-going-is-more-important-than-where-she’s-going thing is getting really old. Especially with its subtext of, she will wait because I could kill her with my car! Didn’t Might Makes Right go out of fashion? It didn’t?

I’m obviously tired and cranky. so I will finish up with:

Something I had to say to a caller: “How do you know they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing, if you don’t know what they were doing?”

Something on my own West Side: Caller’s neighbor cut up a bunch of baby dolls and put the pieces on the roof of his (own) garage. The investigating officer  ascertained that there is no law against creeping people out.