The Big Reveal

by pjmcbride

At last it can be told….

I had no sooner completed the last post when Katherine Catherine (I could only discover your middle initial, so you shall remain Katherine Catherine until you confess your middle name) came rushing across the room, saying, “I can’t stand it any longer! I did it!” And, since no Conspiracy story can be simple, she also implicated the actual carrier-out of her plot, Mercenary Mike, who was ALSO the supervisor who encouraged me to say something unprofessional on the air, as reported in a previous post. And speaking of on-air unprofessionalism, the said M.M. himself, upon completing a run as 5E5, said to me, “No baby corn was injured in this wreck.” Baby corn has been mentioned on the actual air. One pictures a semi wrecking, spilling baby corn all over the highway. She also recommended M.M. for my possible future use in counter-kernalism. So, since you cooperated with the investigation, there will be no reprisals (including damages for DD choking when she read about the planting, as it were, of the corn). At least, I think there won’t be. I suspect Nick will be difficult to control after his two weeks of attack training. Of course, keeping him on a short leash is always advisable, if not always possible.

–Overheard on Laurie Ann’s call (that one’s an educated guess on my part): “Ma’am, a water meter can’t be at fault. It didn’t try to hurt you.” It brings to mind Foxy’s statements to callers involved in accidents, “The deer is not at fault,” and “Well, it wasn’t the fault of the pole.”