Release the Beast

by pjmcbride

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a confession. I was not expecting the Baby Corn Incident to be resolved so simply, but sometimes evildoers cannot resist bragging about their exploits, and so it was in this case. (Hint: She has only a single eye.) You’re so vain, you probably thought that post was about you….All that remains to be discovered was whether that panda-lover Gary Folks was sent in to do the actual deed and (supposedly) cover her tracks. (Or track? I believe her picture showed two feet, but I’m not sure.) At any rate, Nick will be contacting you, once the Army lets him out of the cage where they keep him when not in use. (Our tax dollars provide him with Purina Beast Chow, more-or-less fresh water, and an exercise wheel. I believe he’s only beaten on an as-needed basis.)

I see there is now levity on Facebook at my expense. Cease and desist. And once you’ve discovered the difference between the two, let me know.

(The illustration has nothing to do with today’s post. I just included it because it reminds me of Foxy.)

Lady chess

Lady chess (Photo credit: @Doug88888)