Not Tonight, I Have a Headache

by pjmcbride

tips added and modeled, august 2005

tips added and modeled, august 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really do, so I will leave you with only 3 observations:

–My new agent Lynbob has been working tirelessly on my behalf. Agents get 15% commission, so I’m giving her 15% of what I make from this thing. You do the math.

–Alert in CAD: “Subject is missing her right leg from the knee up.” I dutifully copied it onto the run card, and then thought, “Wait a minute…”

–There is now deliberately scratchy/gritty-textured nail polish. It’s called “Sugar Coat.” It would drive me mad.   It’s the nail polish they’d make me wear in Hell. Just seeing the display at Walgreen’s set my teeth on edge. And thinking of gritting my teeth makes my head hurt, so make that FOUR observations, namely….

–Nothing like having to laugh at Someone’s comment on my previous post, which made my head hurt worse! Nick, you’re a fiend!