Maycation Day 10: The Anniversary

by pjmcbride

As another May 22 slips away, let us return to 1987–better yet, let’s return to July 1, 1986, when, on the way home from work when Dispatch was downtown, Rom said, “You know that thing Liz and Randy did? {referring to his sister’s recent wedding} It might be a good idea if we did that, too.” Is that not the best proposal ever? Yes. We planned the wedding for July 2, 1987, changed the date to May 22 to avoid the hot weather, and got hot weather anyway (high of 90). We dispensed with a rehearsal, figuring, how hard can it be to walk out to the back fountain from the Civic Center?, and discovered our entrance music played on a lot longer than it took us to walk out. So everyone stood uncomfortably in the heat for several minutes, especially Your Humble Narrator, who was wearing the same outfit Tom Petty wore in my concert post. After the ceremony (Mark Foster’s last official act as judge before returning to his lucrative career defending drunk drivers), we strolled off into the sunset, forgetting we needed to sign the license, and had to be called back to the scene. On to the Petroleum Club (Rom was their baker at the time, so that’s where the reception was held), where the bride had enough champagne and beer to look a little out of focus in all the photos. Back to our downtown apartment with about a dozen of our 35 guests, to play the Ramones and, as I recall, argue about the desirability of singing Rocky Top. (Hey, how about the Ramones doing Rocky Top?) 26 years ago–I had hair to the middle of my back, Rom’s hair hadn’t started turning gray yet (although mine had). I love you, Creech. Always and always.