Maycation Day 9: No Common Sense? No Problem!

by pjmcbride

English: This is the picture of the original R...

English: This is the picture of the original Ronald McDonald. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Commercial on the radio for a counseling service: “Give us a call and make sense of life again!” They’re assuming I’d made sense of it before.

I had a Mildly Embarrassing Adventure when I went to McDonald’s for lunch. No, I’m not embarrassed that I ate at McDonald’s. I’m embarrassed that I’m not smart enough to eat at McDonald’s.

I got a large drink, as is my custom. As is also my custom, I didn’t put a lid on it, because I planned on refilling it before I left and putting the lid on it then. (Then after running my errands, I get another drink at Thornton’s–can’t imagine why I have this acid-reflux problem.) Can everyone but me see what’s going to happen? I filled my drink, proceeded down the line collecting napkins, straw, etc. Then I knocked my elbow on something, which knocked my tray, which tipped the entire drink over, and all 32 ounces of it poured onto the counter, the floor, into my bag, over my billfold, soaked my food, etc.

I grabbed frantically for a fistful of napkins, but the manager assured me it was somebody’s job to take care of this. (I guess it beat cleaning the bathrooms, which is the other thing that person does.) The manager also let me have more food for free. Contrary to what you might believe (see previous paragraph on my soft drink consumption), I did not want to eat soda-soaked food, but I was prepared to pay for more, since it wasn’t their fault I’m a dumb@ss. So hurray for that manager, who prevented me from having to face the consequences of my actions. Well, except for the consequences to my bag and billfold, but they were worn out and due for replacement anyway. Oh, and my umbrella, but it is the nature of umbrellas to be rinsed, and I can only hope I get caught in a downpour soon.

Thought for the Day:

“Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.”


Um, yeah.