Maycation Day 5: It’s a Sickness

by pjmcbride

No, nothing happened today, except for taking Esmerelda, my service cat, to the vet for her checkup. And I tried to write tonight on 2 different topics, but the first try was too short and pointless, and the second was too long and unfunny, so you’re welcome. Normally, if I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed (to quote my birthday twin David Byrne in “Psycho Killer”)–those are the days I don’t post–but having started a numbered series, I can’t leave anyone wondering what happened to Day 5. Or Day 3, as you’ll recall. Yes, there’ s probably medication for this.

Speaking of medication, I bought some beer for tomorrow’s party. I hardly ever buy alcohol, since I only drink socially, and I seldom socialize. This has the weird effect of making me expect to be carded, because hey, this is the third time I’ve been to a liquor store in my life, right? But even though the sign said “Have Your I.D. Ready,” the clerk didn’t oblige me (although he did agree with me that Coors Light is a fine beverage). Being non-carded made me really want to ask if there was a senior discount, but I figured the world doesn’t need another smart-ass, so I refrained.

So naturally, tomorrow’s post will deal with the party. How drunk will I get? Will I still be drunk when I post? Even I don’t know!

English: Coors Light beverage truck equipped w...

English: Coors Light beverage truck equipped with a Hand Truck Sentry System HTS Ultra-Rack. Hackney Beverage Body on Freightliner M2 chassis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)